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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether this is your first international trip or you’re a seasoned traveler, we know you have questions about life
in southwestern Haiti in general and your accommodations at Place Charmant. We’ve put together this FAQ
page to hopefully answer some of the questions and give you a few tips about getting here and getting around.
Visiting the Tropics
Autumn, winter and spring months are very pleasant in this part of Haiti. Place Charmant is about 10 degrees
cooler than Port-au- Prince but we do have more rain. Be prepared. If you cannot tolerate heat, do not come in
August! The pool offers a welcome relief from the sun and humidity. The Caribbean hurricane season is from
June through November.
Getting to Jeremie
There are three methods of transport: air, private vehicle, and local bus.
Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has scheduled flights between Port-au- Prince and Jeremie on Tuesdays
and Thursdays. They offer charter flights (and, depending on the size of your group, may be a financially viable
option). MAF does not fly on Sundays. Please contact Place Charmant for guidance on
best air choices.
The trip from PAP to Jeremie by private car takes approximately 7 hours (up until very recently, it was a 12-
hour trip!) through Les Cayes. When you reach Jeremy town, one usually asks a taxi man to guide them to
“Calasse – Kay Edwin”.
The trip by bus is only for the very adventurous. We can give you information about that mode (which is the
cheapest) by e-mail. It IS a great way to see the countryside, at least once!
Checking in and Out
When you get into town, leave your bags and spend the day exploring or working. You will go to the office
(ring the bell if necessary) and you will sign in, receive your key and be escorted to your room. When you are
ready to depart please go to the office and all will be settled.
What about Power?
Place Charmant uses three power sources: solar and batteries, generator and local power. Overall, you can
expect 6 hours of FULL power. Air conditioners work, pumps and fans and refrigerators are in full swing.
When there is no local power (which happens often), we provide generator power for all rooms. This is usually
from 5-11pm. All power is 110v AC, as in North America. Bring a surge protector, though. When we are on
solar power mode, fans and lights work, internet and the TV are connected, and this power continues throughout
the night.
Health and Safety
Keeping healthy and safe is certainly possible. We provide filtered water, well cooked food and cleaned
vegetables. Remember: Do NOT drink water from the tap, anywhere. Additional water to fill your water
thermos is always available in each guest house in blue 5-gallon containers. If you are ill, let us know. There are
English-speaking local physicians available to care for you if needed. Do bring bug spray, a hat, sun screen and
good footwear.
Place Charmant has a well-protected campus. Guards are on duty always. Theft is rare. We can secure your
passports if you like and return them when you depart. If you plan to be out late, just let us know so the guards
are alert to your comings and goings.

Bring your medicine with you! There are pharmacies in Jérémie but the medicines you need might not be
stocked. Always travel with water (and you might want to bring flavor packets along).
Your Comfort
Ensuring that you're comfortable is important to us. We are a series of guest houses and not a hotel. We work to
make you comfortable and your stay productive and pleasant.
 Laundry is available for a small fee to the laundress by the machine load;
 Maid service is guaranteed if you leave your key behind
 If you need more towels, let us know
 Beach towels available
Banking and Currency
The exchange rate in Haiti varies and is currently 62 gourdes for $1.00 US. Stores will take US dollars, but
street vendors work in gourdes. There is a place for currency exchange in Jérémie Town. There is one ATM
machine at Sogebank. You may change dollars or euros in Jérémie at Unibank and Sogebank Express (Western
Monday-Friday 830 am to 4 pm
Saturday 830 am to 1 pm
SogeExpress (Western Union)
Monday-Saturday 8:30 am to 6 pm
Sunday and Holidays 8:30 am to 1 pm
Your Meals with Us
Complimentary breakfast and supper are served family style. There is not a restaurant on the property, but we
can advise you about restaurants in town. If you are leaving Jeremie early, we can accommodate early breakfast,
just ask!
There is a refrigerator in the dining room and some rooms have small refrigerators. Ice is safe to drink here. A
rum punch will be served as your welcome drink or a non-alcoholic beverage if you prefer. Beer and soda are
available for purchase. Please ask the wait staff. Fresh juice in season is served at breakfast.
Vegetarian and vegan diets are respected. Just let us know.
 Life in Rural Haiti
Expect the sounds of rural Haitian life (and bring ear plugs if sounds bother you). You will hear church bells at
the crack of dawn, Voudou drums in the surrounding hills, wandering dogs, and roosters crowing before dawn
as well as the guinea hens that roam around freely.
Special Touches
Manicures, pedicures and back massage can be arranged. There is a NY licensed cosmetologist with a full
salon available on site. Indigo Boutique is open by appointment and features local and regional Haitian
handicrafts including ginger from Dame Marie and chocolate bars and powder from women’s cooperatives.
Transportation around Town and Outside of Town
Most visitors have their own vehicles. If not, the adventurous engage local motorcycle taxis to get them around.
Rental vehicles are available with a driver by the day.

Things to do
A visit to one of the foot bridges across the Grand Anse River has been a fun destination (and life saver for the
people who live on the other side). Anse d’Azure beach is close to town but be aware of the undertow. The
waterfall in Pinquet, a 30-minute trek across the foot bridge in Gelen features a swimming hole. Abricots beach
is 1 ½ hours away. There is a restaurant on the beach and a visit to the Paradis des Indiens artisana shop nearby
is worth the trip – but call in advance.
Long Term Guests
Arrangements are made on a case-by- case basis. Please speak to the owners.

Magloire Mahogany
One of the features of Place Charmant is the Magloire Mahogany project. Since 1997, all guests have received a
mahogany sapling to plant somewhere in Haiti. The Marion Magloire Nursery honors the 50-year- old adult
trees by sharing them in our small effort to reforest Haiti with this native Caribbean tree. Engineer and
agronomist Magloire planted the majority of 43 types of trees on the property and passed on his knowledge to
us. Have a look at the cedar, tamarin, canisteel (jonn def), star fruit (carambola), and 14 varieties of
mango trees. Let us know if you would like a tour of the grounds.

Commitment to the Community
For over 30 years the Magloire family has collaborated with local entities to improve life and livelihoods of
people in the region. The newly recognized Haitian PVO- The Grand Anse Health and Development
Association encourages individual and group volunteers to join us in several health and environmental
initiatives. Ask about it!

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