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Summer cottage of Josephine
jeremie 1898
jeremie haiti
jeremie market


Place Charmant was the summer homestead of Josephine Charmant in the late 19th century, where her cottage provided a refuge from the summer heat in other parts of Haiti.


Place Charmant roughly translates from French as "Charming Spot" – which describes to a tee these four acres overlooking Jérémie, Haiti, and the Caribbean Sea. This spectacular property is home to the Magloire family's oasis of cottages, guest rooms, and amenities that comprise Place Charmant.


Nestled on a homestead in the Magloire family for well over a century, Place Charmant is home to antiques and traditions that honor the best of the history of Haiti. At the same time, modern comforts ensure that you'll be able to relax after returning from your day away from Place Charmant.


Your hosts Bette and Edwin Magloire ensure that you'll experience the best of Haiti – both old and new. They now welcome their daughter, Danielle, who serves as the Assistant Manager of Place Charmant.

Rich in History and Amenities


A property in the Magloire family for generations, Place Charmant reflects the evolution of comfort in rural Haiti.


At one time consisting of only a single 19th-century thatched-roof homestead without water or power, Edwin and Bette now offer guest rooms, cottages, and small apartments with private baths, al fresco dining among a cool grove of pines, and an outdoor pool with a panoramic vista rivaling any in Haiti. 

Fantastic hospitality in gorgeous location

My husband and I travel to Jeremie, Haiti at least once a year. Place Charmant is the home base for us after a day of work in the city. This hotel overlooking Jeremie is very welcoming and relaxing. We have stayed at Place Charmant seven times and have always been exceptionally pleased. 


Delightful retreat

Place Charmant has a beautiful view of the Caribbean Sea with great sunsets and sunrises. Modern updated guest rooms with air-conditioning and hot showers. Delicious breakfast and dinners included and served with your own place setting prepared by an attentive staff. 


Place Charmant - Paradise as always

I now have 12 years of experience staying at Place Charmant - it has evolved, it has weathered change and hurricanes, it has grown and expanded, and it is better than ever! The best hosts, the best location in Jeremie. It is a comfortable second home when traveling to the Grand Anse. 


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